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Update KeexyBox

Before updating

Before updating, it is recommanded to export your configuration to keep a backup:

Update from web admin interface

Since version 20.10.2 it is possible to update KeexyBox from Web admin interface. Follow these steps:

  1. Use your browser and connect to the KeexyBox Management Web interface.
  2. On left menu, go to Tools & diagnotics → Update.
  3. If an update is available, click on Install the update.

Update from console

Connect as root to the console of your Raspberry PI and follow the instructions below.

Download KeexyBox:

cd ~

Extract files:

tar xzf keexybox_21.04.2_raspios10

Run installation:

cd keexybox_21.04.2_raspios10

:!: Note: In some cases, the port check may fail as in the example below. Don't worry, just restart KeexyBox and everything should be fine.

Checking ports:
Port 9531 : OK
Port 9533 : OK
Port 9053 : USED
Port 9050 : USED
Port 9040 : USED
Port 80 : OK
Port 443 : OK
Port 53 : OK
Some Keexybox component should not work properly.
Please run installation again.

About KeexyBox Project:

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