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KeexyBox - Captive Portal

Private Captive portal that allows users to connect to the Internet.

Captive portal that allows users to register before able to connect to the Internet.

Internet access registration page.

Captive portal that allows users connect to the Internet without an account.

This page shows to user the status and settings of his connection.

KeexyBox - Admin access

Authentication page to manage KeexyBox.

KeexyBox - Statistics and connected users and devices

This page allows you to query logs and display internet usage reports.

This page shows connected users and devices. You can stop/pause/resume user or device connections from this page.

KeexyBox - Connection settings


This page shows available categories of the Blacklist. KeexyBox on Raspberry PI can easely supports millions of domains in the Blacklist.

This page allows you to add/import domains to the Blacklist.


This page shows profiles. Internet connection settings are all defined in a profile. A profile is assigned to users or devices.

This page allows you to define all connection settings for a profile.


This page lists Captive Portal user accounts.

This page allows you to add/edit a Captive Portal user account. A user have to be assigned to a profile.


This page lists declared devices to KeexyBox. From this page you can connect devices to the internet to avoid users using Captive Portal.

KeexyBox - System settings

Network configuration page.

Date and time configuration page.

DHCP configuration page.

Wi-Fi Access Point configuration page.

Captive portal configuration page.

Miscellaneous configuration page.

KeexyBox - Tools & diagnostics

This page allows you to check/stop/restart KeexyBox services and allows you to reboot or power off KeexyBox.

In some cases a domain can be filtered while it is not in the blacklist. This page allows you to check the domains causing the blocking.

This page shows load, memory and disk usage of the device running KeexyBox.

About KeexyBox Project:

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