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KeexyBox - Advanced settings and configuration management

Advanced settings page allows you to change any setting of KeexyBox.

:!: You should not normally have to use the advanced settings page to configure your KeexyBox. Changing the settings by this way could cause KeexyBox to not working!

Depending on the address of your KeexyBox, advanced settings are only accessible by entering the right address in the address bar of your Internet browser. You have to add /config/advanced after the address of your KeexyBox. Example:

You will be on the page Advanced settings and configuration management. The page is organized into two section described below.

Generate configuration files

Normally, when you change parameters in KeexyBox, the configuration files required for the extra softwares are automatically updated. Here you can force generate the configuration files that may not have been updated automatically. To do it :

  • Select a configuration software for which you have to regenerate the configuration files.
  • Click on Generate.

Description of software configurations:

apacheConfiguration files of the web server software. It make KeexyBox accessible by using a Web browser.
bindConfiguration files of the DNS server. It used by KeexyBox to filter Websites.
dhcpConfiguration files of the DHCP server.
hostapdConfiguration files of Wi-Fi Access Point.
ntpConfiguration files of the NTP server. Used to synchronize time on the Internet.
scriptsConfiguration files used by KeexyBox background scripts.
torConfiguration files of the Tor software. It used by KeexyBox to anonymize the Internet connection.

Advanced settings

In this section, you have the list of all KeexyBox parameters. You can filter parameter by entering its name in the Search field and then clicking on the search button.

To change the value of a parameter:

  1. Identify the parameter in the list.
  2. Click on the edit button of the colum Actions.
  3. Change the value.
  4. Click Save.

About KeexyBox Project:

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