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KeexyBox - Captive Portal settings

:!: This feature is available from KeexyBox 20.10.1 :!:

KeexyBox allows you to define three types of captive portal :

  • Private: It allows users to connect to the Internet with an account created by an Admin.
  • Register: It allows users to create an account themselves on the captive portal and use it to connect to the Internet.
  • Free: Allows users to connect to the Internet without any account.

To setup the Captive Portal:

  1. Use your browser and connect to the KeexyBox Management Web interface.
  2. On left menu, go to System settings → Captive Portal.
  3. You will be redirected to the Captive Portal settings page.
  4. Complete the form as explained below.
  5. When you are done, click on Save to save settings otherwise click on Cancel.
Default user connection timeIt is the connection duration proposed by default to users that use captive portal to connect to the Internet.
Default language for users and devicesThis is the default language if KeexyBox cannot determine the user's preferred language.
Name to display on the captive portalCustomize the captive portal with a name to display.
Logo to display on the captive portalCustomize the captive portal with a logo to display.
Information to be collected on the client for internet accessThe regulations of some countries may require custody of information about the client who has connected to the Internet. These options allow you to enable or disable information to be collected. Record UserAgent: Collect Browser version, Browser language, Operating systeme, screen size. Record MAC: Save MAC address of the device used by the client.
Internet Access ConditionsPrivate(No options)
RegisterDuration of registration (days): Delay until the account expire after creation.
Registration Code: The code required to register. Leave blank if you don't want to require a code.
Default profile to use: Define the profile for new registred account.
FreeUser account to use for the free access: The account that will be use for all free Internet access.
NoneSet to none to prevent users from using the captive portal for internet access. This option also makes it possible to avoid declaring devices to KeexyBox. The captive portal will nevertheless remain active so that a user can override the default connection profile of the home network with the parameters of the profile assigned to him.
Default profile to use: Define the default profile to use by default for all devices of the network.
Internet access terms and conditionsClick on the Edit button to write your terms and conditions for Internet access.

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