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SSL Certificate

Access to your KeexyBox Web interface can be secured by connecting to it using HTTPS. For this type of connection, a SSL certificate is required. Here you can renew the self-signed certificate.

To renew the self-singed certificate:

  1. Use your browser and connect to the KeexyBox Management Web interface.
  2. On left menu, go to System settings → SSL Certificate.
  3. You will be redirected to the Generate SSL certificate page.
  4. Complete the form as explained below.
  5. When you are done, click on Save to save settings otherwise click on Cancel. You will need to reboot KeexyBox to have the new certificate active.

You must complete these fields in order to be able to recognize the fingerprint of your certificate:

Common NameThis is the host name that you enter in the Internet browser to reach your KeexyBox.
Country codeYour country code.
State or Province NameYour state. You can enter whatever you want.
Locality NameYour city. You can enter whatever you want.
Organization NameThe name of your company. You can enter whatever you want.
Organizational Unit NamThe name of the department. You can enter whatever you want.

About KeexyBox Project:

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