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Check a domain

In some cases a domain can be filtered while it is not in the blacklist. In most cases, it comes from a target CNAME record which is in the Blacklist. This tool allows you to check the domains causing the blocking.

To use it:

  1. Use your browser and connect to the KeexyBox Management Web interface.
  2. On left menu, go to Tools & Diagnostics → Domain check.
  3. You will be redirected to the Check blocked domain page.
  4. In the field Domain, enter the name of the website/domain blocked by KeexyBox.
  5. Click on Check button.

The tool to some DNS queries and also check the Blacklist. It will display a list of domains from the Blacklist that may cause the blocking. You will be able to launch actions on found domains to fix the problem:

  1. Check the box to the left of each domain you want to do the action.
  2. At the bottom of the page select one of actions in (select action):
    • Change category: this allows you to change the category of selected domains.
    • Delete: This allows you to simply remove selected domains from the Blacklist.
  3. Click on Run to launch the action.

About KeexyBox Project:

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