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KeexyBox - Check your Internet connection status on the Captive Portal

Check the connection

You can check the status of your Internet connection:

  1. Use your browser and enter the KeexyBox address in the address bar.
  2. At the top right of the page you can get an overview of the status of your Internet connection established by KeexyBox.

Connection status are described below:

OfflineThis status means you are not connected to the Internet. You can click on the status button and then on Connect to be redirected to the page that allows you to enter your credentials to connect to the Internet.
OnlineThis status means you are connected to the Internet. You can click on the status button to get more information about your Internet connection.
PausedThis status means you were connected to the Internet but an admin user has paused your connection. You cannot disconnect from the Internet yourself when your connection is in this state. Only an admin user can resume or stop your Internet connection.

Connection information

If you are Online or Paused you can see informations about you Internet connection as discribed below.


NameThis is your login name or the device name.
IP addressThis is the IP address of your device.
TypeThis indicate if the connection is established as a user or as a device.
Connection start timeThis the time when your connection was established to the Internet.
Connection end timeThis is the time when your connection will stop. It is unlimited for devices.
Connection status This is the status of your connection. Connected or paused.


Profile This is the name of the profile that is used for your Internet connection.
Default connection type This shows the type of connection. Direct means you use your regular connection. Tor means your Internet access is anonymized.
Default Firewall ruleThis shows if by default all type of connection are allowed (ACCEPT) or denied (DROP).
Statistics enabledThis shows you if the websites you visite are logged or not. Logs are used to make statistics that only a KeexyBox admin can view.
Redirect DNS queries to TORThis shows you if your DNS queries are anonymized or not.

Search engine options and Blacklist categories

Force Google SafeSearchThis shows you if the results from Google search engine will be filtered.
Force Bing SafeSearchThis shows you if the results from Bing search engine will be filtered.
Force Youtube SafeSearchThis shows you if the results from Youtube will be filtered.
Blacklist categoriesThis is the list of categories of websites/domains blocked for your connection.

Firewall rules

This section lists the firewall rules enabled or not for your connection (get more information about firewall).

Domain routing

This section lists the domains with forced routing direct to the Internet or via the Tor network.(get more information about domain routing).

Connection schedules

This section shows you the times when you can access the Internet.

About KeexyBox Project:

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